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Commercial Insulations

Do you need to install insulation in an office or commercial building in Southern California? OJ Insulation has worked with many contractors that need to insulate buildings such as


The insulation we have installed over the last 25 years has helped save companies thousands of dollars on energy bills yearly by preventing warn and cold air from escaping their buildings.

Hospitals and clinics

Hospitals are particularly at risk for energy loss because they have many windows and doors, which leave a lot of potential for air leaks. However, OJ Insulation has the experience meeting the sophisticated and often complicated needs of healthcare facilities, and can insulate entire buildings or ductwork with expert care.

Schools and universities

From cafeterias to classrooms, our insulation contractors can help make your educational facility more energy efficient and comfortable. Whether your school is a retrofit or new construction project, we have the insulation experience necessary to do the job right.


The right insulation can help your hotel maximize its energy efficiency, keep overhead costs down, stay comfortable throughout the year, and reduce noise between different rooms and levels. When your hospitality building needs insulation installation in Southern California, OJ Insulation is the name to know.

commercial Insulation

Building Insulation in San Diego & Los Angeles

OJ Insulation insulates commercial and institutional buildings with different materials, including:

  • Fiberglass
  • Cellulose
  • Radiant barrier
  • Rigid board (for new MDUs being built)

Commercial Building Insulation San Diego & Los Angeles

The insulation we install in the walls of apartment buildings or other residential MDUs can:

  • Help maximize energy efficiency
  • Help increase comfort year round
  • Help with soundproofing (which can be especially important in these types of buildings where residents live in close proximity of each other)
  • Help improve the efficiency of the air conditioners and furnaces
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