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If you are one of those people who are encountering the issue air leakage in your home or office, interior spray foam insulation is the perfect solution to combat this issue.

As per the Dept. of Energy in the US, on an average, the energy cost paid by a homeowner, almost half of it is due to heating and cooling system. It is also said that air infiltration and leakage is the reason for 30% heating and cooling cost. For those people who want to get rid of this issue, internal spray insulation is the ideal option for them. It is the latest advancement in home insulation products that will eliminate the issues of air leakage altogether.

This type of problem is also faced in offices. Typically, it surges up during the winter season. As the exterior and interior temperature of a home or office varies during this season, air leakage occurs. This vast discrepancy in both the temperature results in the pressure difference between the interior and exterior of a home. As a result, warm heat, from inside of a home or office, is pushed through towards the exteriors through smalls gaps. Consequently, warm air escapes and the result is a high dependency of heating system, which, in turn, forces you to disturb your budget greatly to pay huge energy bills.

With interior spray foam insulation, these small holes can be covered, as a result, heat cannot escape through them. However, it requires professional services as the process isn’t easy as it seems on the paper. First of all, you will have to find the possible locations where these small holes are and spot them.

Quite often, there are certain less apparent locations such as in basement, attic or crawlspace, where these holes may exist. A person relying on DIY methods may miss out on locating these spots, as a result, all their efforts and time will go in drain as the air leakage issue will still remain the same. This is the major reason why it is advised to hire a professional company that specializes in providing professional interior spray foam insulation services, and you cannot find a better company than YIS Insulation in the Carolinas.

We enjoy great reputation in the Carolinas for our highly specialized range of insulation services. Our interior spray foam insulation services is provided by professional experts who have the required experience, expertise, and skills. Furthermore, they are equipped with state of the art tools, materials, and equipment to ensure the job is done in a professional manner.

At YIS Insulation, we excel in providing spray foam insulation services for both residential and commercial settings. With our professional interior spray foam insulation services, not only the heat escape issue will be reduced but you will experience enhanced air quality in your home and office. We pride ourselves in offering the best experience to our customers. A wide range of insulation products and services are offered by us; all at reasonable rates.

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