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At YID Insulation, we strive to provide its customers a wide range of insulation products and services. As part of our mission, which is to make homes and offices in the Carolinas more energy efficient, we offer highly specialized insulation service that is composed of polyisocyanurate boards.

No More Heat Loss

The impact of a poorly insulated home or office is known to one and all. They tend to have huge energy bills, poor air quality and face air filtration issues. All these issues can be combatted using our insulation services with the use of polyisocyanurate boards.

It is categorized among the most reliable and effective materials for insulation. Previously, PUR boards were used for insulation; however, this is an advanced and more efficient version of these boards. For best results and maximum benefits, it is advised to use these boards with other standard insulation materials.

PIR boards are also recommended to be used for insulation since they are durable and cost-effective. Furthermore, they are lightweight yet sturdy. Their heat resistance ability is exceptional, which makes them an ideal option for insulating all types of homes and offices.

YIS Insulation – A Name to Rely on

If you have made up your mind to insulate your home using PIR boards, YIS Insulation is at your services. Our highly skilled and professional staff is trained to use PIR boards for insulation purposes in a professional manner. At first, they will examine the existing insulation of your home and office and upgrade it using PIR boards.

Some of the exceptional features of our PRI insulation services are:

Application of Different Types of PIR boards

We can insulate your home or office using different types of PIR boards. PIR boards are available in different thicknesses and each type has distinct features. If you are confused about making the right selection, you can seek our help and our experts can assist you in selecting the right type of PIR board for insulating your home or office.

Experienced Staff

AT YIS Insulation, we have highly skilled and experienced staff. They have the expertise and knowledge to use different types of PIR boards in both residential and commercial settings. They have access to cutting-edge tools and equipment that assist them in installing the insulation in a professional manner.


We use high-quality PIR boards to enhance the lifespan of your insulation. As discussed above, you can couple it up with other regular insulation material to increase its functionality and durability.

Market-Competitive Rates

One of the best features of our services is our market-competitive rates. No other company in the Carolinas offer a wide range of insulation products and services, including PIR board insulation, at the rates as low as us.

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